API essentials

API Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to your access to and use of the Chorus application programming interfaces (APIs) accessible through the Chorus API Developer website accessed via the Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange portal. 

The APIs are only intended for use by organisations who have an existing:

  • agreement with Chorus with a genuine reason to access one or more of Chorus’ APIs (Agreement); and
  • valid log on to the Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange portal.

(Access Conditions)

Your access to this Portal, use of the APIs and any data or information sourced through this Portal or any API (Data) is governed by these terms, and the terms and conditions of your Agreement including, without limitation, the provisions covering privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property.

Failing to comply with these terms may result in your access to the APIs (and the Portal) being restricted or revoked.

By clicking the “Agree” button below or by using an API you:

  • represent that you are an authorised representative of an organisation satisfying these Access Conditions (Relevant Organisation), you authorised to enter into an agreement on behalf of the Relevant Organisation and that the Relevant Organisation agrees to, and is bound by, these terms;
  • that you will comply with these terms and conditions in using the API(s) or Data (and that the Relevant Organisation will ensure the compliance of all relevant staff and contractors who interact with or use the API(s) or any Data); 
  • that your access is also subject to:
    • Chorus’s Privacy Policy; and
    • Salesforce’s Acceptable Use and External-Facing Services Policy, which may be updated from time to time; and
  • agree that the Relevant Organisation will be responsible for the acts and omissions of its staff and contractors who interact with or use any API(s) or Data. References to “you” and “your” in these terms is a reference to both you in your personal capacity and to the Relevant Organisation.

Access to the APIs

1 To access and use the APIs you need to apply and maintain valid access credentials issued by Chorus for each relevant API.

2 You must ensure that:

(a) all information in your application for access is true, correct, accurate, up-to-date, including any information relating to your likely user or volume usage of the APIs; and

(b) you continue to satisfy the Access Conditions throughout the time you use the APIs and any Data.


3 You must:

(a) ensure that any log-in, password or other access credentials selected or generated by you for your access to, or use of the Portal or any APIs are unique, complex, difficult to guess and otherwise comply with good industry practice in relation to information technology security; and

(b) keep your access credentials for the Portal and for each API (whether those credentials were selected or generated by you or issued by Chorus) secure and not share or transfer those access credentials to, or allow them to be used by, any other person.

You must notify us at api@chorus.co.nz as soon as you become aware of any breach of security or unauthorised use of your access credentials (or unauthorised access to the APIs through your systems).

4 If you cease to hold a valid licence key (including where the licence key is cancelled by Chorus) or cease to satisfy the API Conditions, you must cease to use the APIs.

Use of the APIs

5 You must only use the APIs, the Portal and the Data:

(a) in accordance with any volume or user limitations imposed on your access to the APIs, this Portal or the Data by Chorus from time to time (Rate Limit); and

(b) for the purpose set out in the usage guidance for an API or otherwise approved or notified to you by Chorus (whether as part of the application process or otherwise).

6 You acknowledge that this Portal, the APIs and access to Data through the API may not always be available or operate without interruption. We make no guarantees as to the continuous availability of this Portal, the API or the Data or that the APIs or Data will meet your requirements.

7 You must not:

(a) copy, modify or reverse engineer any API or software made available to you by Chorus;

(b) do anything that may damage or interfere with the Portal, the APIs, the Data, or other software made available to you by Chorus; or

(c) access (or seek to access) Data relating to any other service companies to Chorus or any Retail Service Provider or end user other than as authorised through the Portal by Chorus and strictly for the purposes of performing your obligations under your Agreement with Chorus.

8 In using the Portal, APIs or Data you must comply with:

(a) the terms and conditions set out in your Agreement;

(b) all applicable laws (including all relevant requirements of the Privacy Act 2020); and

(c) all relevant usage guidelines, policies and procedures and reasonable directions relating to your use of the Portal, the APIs and the Data notified by Chorus from time to time (whether through the Portal, api@chorus.co.nz, and business as usual mechanisms under your Agreement or otherwise).

9 Chorus may, from time to time:

(a) alter the Rate Limit applicable to your use of any APIs, the Portal or the Data; and

(b) replace, update or upgrade the API(s) and or the Data (including the data schema or structure of the Data), and that those changes may require you to make updates to your systems or applications accessing the API(s).

Chorus will notify you of any such changes to your Rate Limit, the API(s) or Data through the Portal, api@chorus.co.nz  or through the other business as usual notification mechanisms under your Agreement.

Non-production APIs

10 Chorus may, from time to time, make test or non-production versions of APIs available through this Portal (Non-production APIs).

11 Non-production APIs and the pages accessing the Non-production APIs:

(a) are provided for development, test, training, or such other non-production purposes specified by Chorus, and your use of the Non-production APIs is limited to those purposes;

(b) may contain sample or test Data and cannot be used to perform live tests on Chorus services or order Chorus services (unless otherwise notified by Chorus).

12 Chorus will not necessarily make production versions of these APIs or any similar applications available (or make any tools or functionality included in Non-production APIs available in a production release).

13 Your access to any Non-production APIs (or any pages from which Non-production APIs are made available) does not constitute an offer to receive any particular service from Chorus. Normal Chorus service application requirements apply.

Data and intellectual property

14 You acknowledge that the Data is provided on an “as is” basis and may include errors and omissions. You should satisfy yourself of the completeness and accuracy of the Data before using it.

15 This Portal, the APIs and any Data (including any intellectual property in those items) remains our property or the property of our third party licensors or end users as applicable.

Warranties and liability

16 Without prejudice to the terms and conditions in the Agreement:

(a) we give no warranties (express or implied) about the APIs or the Data or the content on the Portal (or your use of the APIs or data);

(b) to the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability to you or any third party under or in connection with your use of the APIs or the Data or the content on the Portal, regardless of whether the liability arises in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise.

Withdrawal or termination of access

17 Chorus can withdraw, block or terminate your access to the API(s) and this Portal:

(a) without notice if it detects any misuse by you (including any breach of these terms or the terms of your Agreement); or

(b) at any time in accordance with any process relevant to the withdrawal or termination of access to the API in our Agreement or, if Chorus reasonably considers, that there is no applicable process in the Agreement, on not less than 30 days’ notice to you through Mulesoft Anypoint, api@chorus.co.nz, or through the other business as usual notification mechanisms under your Agreement (unless it is reasonable in the circumstances to withdraw or terminate access earlier).