API Resources

The Line Test API allows you to:

  • retrieve information on Fibre and Copper Product instances that your organisation has provisioned

  • request the execution of network tests on Fibre and Copper Product instances

  • retrieve previous network test results.

The Line Test API includes the following resources:



Verb (HTTP method)

Get Product (Get Product by Product ID)

Retrieves Product instance details


Create Test (Post Test)

Request that a new test is performed


Get Test (Get Test by Test ID)

Retrieves a specific Test result


Get Tests (Get Tests by Product ID)

Retrieves Historical tests for a given product


Refer to the section LINE TEST API ENDPOINTS (as above) and the API Reference (in Anypoint) for more information on field types, length and other restrictions.

The following describes how the different resources combined with different HTTP methods operate together.

Product REST Resource

The Products resource is a synchronous request which returns product information based on a product identifier for an existing product.

The response will indicate if the product does not exist or there is an error in processing.

Test REST Resources

The initialisation and retrieval of a test is an asynchronous process, using two request types:

  1. Create (Post) Test - Initiates a test for a given product identifier and returns a test identifier or error response.

  2. Get Test - Retrieves a test result for a given test identifier or error response.

In order to execute a complete test, you will need to request the creation of the test first, and then poll the Get Test until a test response with a terminal status and HTTP completed status is received.

A polling mechanism is used for requests because network tests can potentially be long running in nature.