Line Test API v2.1 minor release with new Hyperfibre and RGW with Wi-Fi fields

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August 21, 2020

What's happening

We launched Line Test API v2 on 29 January 2020, this included Enhanced ONT information. With the imminent full release of Hyperfibre and early launch of RGW with Wi-Fi we are adding more fields to ensure you are equipped to Assure these products on your systems. Line Test API V2.1 will release October 9, 2020.

If you are currently using v1 or v2 then it should only require a few small changes to adapt to v2.1 for the same functionality.

Migrating from Line Test API v1.0 to v2.0

Enhanced ONT changes in first release of Line test API v2.0.  Apart from different end points between Line Test API v1 and v2, there are very small payload changes as noted in the table below:

Line Test API V1 payload

"ont": {
      "id": "NPE-POLT05:1-1-4-8-3",
      "ports": "4",
      "tlc": "101593704",
      "type": "4+2 Standard",
      "ontSerialNumber": "ALCL45781245"

Line Test API V2 payload

 "ont": {
      "id": "NPE-POLT05:1-1-4-8-3",
      "ports": "4",
      "ataPorts": "1",
      "mode": "Standard"
      "model": "G-140W-C",
      "tlc": "101593704",
      "type": "Type 300",
      "ontSerialNumber": "ALCLB30F63A1"


  1. Above text is the only part of the payload that's changing in v2.0, rest of the payload remains the same
  2. Possible values for ports can be 1 or 4 (in v1, it used to be hardcoded to 4 at all times)
  3. Possible values for ataPorts can be 1 or 2
  4. Possible values for model can be G-140W-C, G-240G-P, I-240G-R, G-010S-P or G-010S-A
  5. Possible values for type can be Type 100, Type 200, Type 300 or SFP

B. Migrating from Line Test API v2.0 to v2.1

  1. Additional Fields and values
    1. Ont object:


No of 10G UNI ports in the ONT


No of Wi-Fi UNI ports in the ONT



  1. Possible values for xgsPorts can be 0 or 1
  2. wifiPorts are the count of Wi-Fi SSIDs on the ONT, possible/maximum number can be 0 or 2


  1. dataServices object:






  1. The type of data service. Type 'RGW' instead of UNI if the ONT is working in RGW Mode


  1.   allocatedPorts: 


port type (i.e. 10G, 1G, ATA, Wi-Fi)


Port ID on the ONT



  1. This in an array that consists of port types and assigned port number (aka port ID) in an ONT
  2. The port type identifies the type of port being consumed - supported values are 1G, 10G, ATA & Wi-Fi

The port ID on the ONT identifies the resource ID of the above port type within the ONT – supported values are any integer 

  1. Updated Fields and values
    1. Ont object:


ONT model


Type of ONT


Mode of operation of the ONT



  1. New possible value for model can be XS-250WX-A when it’s a Hyperfibre ONT
  2. New possible value for type can be Type 10G 400 when it’s a Hyperfibre ONT
  3. New possible value for mode can be ‘RGW’ when the ONT works in RGW mode


Next steps

Please contact for any support, questions or queries on APIs.