Line Test API v1 is deprecated

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August 21, 2020

With the release of Line Test API v2.0 on 29 January 2020, we deprecated Line Test API v1.

What's happening

A deprecation on an API means that onboarding for Line Test API v1 will no longer be available and RSPs taking up the Line Test API will be onboarded to the latest version of Line Test API v2. We continue to add more features and functions into Version 2.

Line Test API v1 will remain available for use for those already onboarded and will be supported until it is officially decommissioned early 2021 (unless it is no longer in use, in which case we will provide 20 days’ notice before decommissioning).

For information about latest changes to Line Test V2 API look at this update.

Next steps

Please contact for any support, questions or queries on APIs including migration to v2. Alternatively, ask your Service Delivery Manager to arrange a meeting with our API team to go through the change.